My Top 5 Strengths

imizer – Activator-Achiever-Relator-Strategic

If I only knew THEN, what I know NOW!

“Famous words…right?”

My Strengths Journey:

JOURNEY is the key word.  My own “journey” with strengths started with an organization I worked for fifteen years ago, telling me and the rest of our team we were going to move to a strengths-based culture.  When in reality, they meant we were each going to receive a book, take the online assessment, receive a print out of our Top Five themes, and that was it!  (Does that sound familiar at all?)

Strengths Culture?

Hmmmm…. not really a Strengths-based Culture.  I had no idea what to do with my top five, so I read through them and shoved the book on a shelf for the next nine years.  During this time, also received my Master’s Degree and continuing to build upon my existing leadership and training skills without knowing I was using my strengths the whole time.

Strengthsfinder book on the shelf…what were my Top Five themes???

Guess what?   Nine years later, I changed my career and went with a different organization who said the same thing.  “We are going to implement a Strengths-based culture”, but in reality once again that meant the same thing as the first company.  Now I had not one but two Strengths Finder books on my shelf. 

Wish I knew…

If I only knew I really didn’t have to retake the assessment.  My themes stayed the same, which is usually the case.  We are who we are, and our strengths are our strengths.  The only thing that changes is how we utilize and build with them. 

Two Strength Finder books on the shelf…what should I be doing with these?

Two years later, the achiever in me had me in a new position!

Three Strengthfinder books on the shelf… I knew what I needed to do!

I needed to have faith and go with my heart. I started K. Madsen Consulting & Coaching.  I had to set my fears aside, in order to fulfill my mission.  My mission is to walk along side my family and others, inspiring and guiding them to utilize their God given strengths.

You are worth the investment!


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